DJ Dreamer 524


Brooklyn, New York, birthplace of the blossomed careers of the late great Notorious B.I.G, Jay-Z, Mos Def and Busta Rhymes; home to the sleepy-eyed, human manifestation of Peanuts character Linus – DJ Dreamer. In the heavily populated Caribbean neighborhood of Flatbush, resides one of Brooklyn’s finest DJ’s.Since Dreamer’s conception, music has been a major influence on his life. Being of Jamaican lineage, at an early age, Dream was raised on a steady diet of Bob Marley, Gregory Isaacs, and Dennis Brown. Besides the music that filtered the air of the small Brooklyn apartment.

Dreamer credits one of the main sources for his passion for deejaying from his uncle, DJ Paul. Paul, known for his extensive record collection and impressive sound system, the DJ, Dreamer has grown into has idolized the fame, experience and longevity he has seen the respected DJ Paul gain through out his career. It’s a family affair when it comes to deejaying; it practically runs through Dreamer’s bloodline.

From uncle DJ Paul, to cousins DJ Bob Po Po and DJ Treats there is a heavy investment in turntables and records in this family. While perfecting his deejay skills on a pair of GLI belt-drive turntables inherited from a cousin, Dreamer dreamed of success as a rapper. However, after years of rhyming and performing at venues with his fellow partners-in-rhyme of the collective Source-Life-Entertainment, Dreamer decided to hang up the mic and focus on deejaying. Now with the experience of playing at local parties and clubs in Brooklyn, Dreamer has found his true talent

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