Most Elite Lady


Mellie Mel, aka M.ost E.lite L.ady was born and raised in the Long Island City section of Queens, New York to Haitian parents. As a teen, she discovered her love for Hip-Hop by listening to the music of local Queens rappers NaS, and Mobb Deep. Not long after, Mel began writing rhymes… having already picked up a knack for writing poems in Elementary and Middle School. “Writing for me came easy” said Mel, when asked by Source Life Radio founder DJ Dreamer – on whether or not composing lyrics ever presented a challenge? “All you have to do is use a touch of imagination, and a whole lot of what you see going on in the world around you. I viewed my rhymes as Street Poetry.”

So first she began listening to Hip Hop music. Then she began writing it. The last and obvious step to her was to begin reciting it, so she recorded her first rhyme in 2005, at Source Life Entertainment studios in Brooklyn, NY. At one point, she even thought about becoming a rap artist- and reached out to fellow Queens native, and famed underground rap artist Ali Vegas. He heard some of her music, and saw great talent in Mel, as he was willing to work with her on a debut mixtape. Before they could record one song together, Mel had a change of heart. She decided to keep rap as a hobby, recording only for the love of it, and not in hopes to gain a career from it.

Today, NaS is still her favorite rapper, and everyone she meets must know it. She listens for lyrics first and foremost, judging whether a song is “hot” or not by what was said, as opposed to only listening for a dope beat, and nice flow. You can hear her live as she hosts “Most Elite Mondays” weekly, between 8-9pm EST on Source Life Radio. She breaks down some of the hottest songs out, bar-for-bar, crowning the “Most Elite” on a track… after dissecting each respective rappers verses in full. Stay Tuned!
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