Mizfit Muzik



Mizfit Muzik airs every Wednesday from 7-9pm EST on sourceliferadio.com. The show is hosted by the self proclaimed “mizfit”, Mizz Vonn Jackson, who’s goal is to provide an international platform for talented, indie artists, singer/songwriters, musicians, and producers to showcase their music and artistic projects to the world. Mizz Jackson interviews up and coming entrepreneurs in the business and art fields, whom she feels can share helpful tips with listeners to assist them in gaining their own successes. Vonn also shares her personal experiences and music industry knowledge which she deems helpful and enlightening. When asked to describe the show, here’s what Mizz Jackson had to say:
“My show is all about setting a dope vibe…sonically of course. I love when people hit me up and say…”Yoooo Vee! Who was that last artist you played?!” I love finding new music and putting people on to new artists whom they’ve never heard of, or would have never given a chance because they weren’t programmed to like them! See, my show is geared towards the ‘mizfits’ of the world, who recognize and love real music…the ones who respect authentic musicianship; those who refuse to just accept the programmed, repetitive bullshit they hear on mainstream radio. Naaah meaaan?! Lol! So if that’s you, you need to tune in! Trust me, its edu-taining!  If you know me, you know I’m constantly talkin my ish, I think I know it all…cause I do! Lol! Add that to some awesome muzik and a lil sippy sip of suntin nice and it’s just a good time!”

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