The Rugged International Show


The Rugged International Show 2

The Rugged International Mixshow airs on Source Life Radio every Friday from 7pm -10pm. Dj Rugged D plays a mix of old and new music (Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae, Pop)  from your favorite artists as well as showcasing up and coming artists during the first hour (7-8).  During the second hour (8-9) he may do an interview with a guest ie: Artists, Actors, Actresses, Entrepreneurs etc. Or go into a reggae or pop mix for that hour If there is no guest.

The Beatdown is aired between the hours of (9-10pm) in which Rugged D clashes two producers against each other by playing their catalogue of hit records to see who has the most hits.

In short The Rugged International Mixshow is your weekly dose of what was and what is developing in our culture musically and intellectually, as well as a prelude to your weekend party on the air.

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