Coming Straight Out Of Brooklyn… Where some of the proudest Black men hail from, is a phenom of a Father, Son, Brother, Friend and Sports Enthusiast!  His name is Shyne.  Not to be confused for the rapper Shyne, David was once known as “The One That Shines”.  Why such a nickname one might curiously ask?  Well Shyne is nothing short of a charismatic passionate soul, who isn’t afraid of stepping out of the norm in order to be different.  Don’t believe it?  Listen for yourself each and every Thursday Night from 9-10pm EST as Shyne hosts his Talk Radio show “Intellectual Ignorance”.  Being a well-educated man with very strong points of view, the title of his show can almost sum up his personality, “The smartest fool you’ll ever meet”.  His show is not-surprisingly centered on sports and politics!

Being more than just a fan, gives Shyne the ability to speak on sports from an authoritative perspective.  Not only does he come from a family with a heavy sports background; He himself played basketball from elementary school all the way through to the collegiate level.  He is a die-hard New York sports fan, and especially a NY Knicks fan.  You won’t want to miss what Shyne, who lives and breathes sports, has to say!  So do yourself a favor and tune in!

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